Why I write


Over the past few weeks I have been thinking (and praying) a lot about writing and my blog. I’ve been thinking about if it is something I want to continue and get more serious about and what my purpose behind writing has been and what it should be. I started blogging back in 2012 when I went into YWAM and needed a good way to keep in touch with my supporters. I actually really enjoyed it and have been blogging on and off ever since, but not always very consistently. After coming home from Greece and thinking a lot about how God touched my life there and some of the changes I that want to come from my time there (see blog: Returning Home), I started thinking about my writing.

Did I want to continue blogging? What is my purpose in blogging? Is blogging the best avenue for my writing? If I continued writing and blogging…I want to take it more seriously, if this is an avenue that God has really given me to use, than I want to put more time and effort into it. But having all of those thoughts, I really wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to invest so much time in. And if it was something that God wanted me to focus on, presently. Not long after I saw a quote on a friend’s facebook status that rocked me to my core: “Powerlessness and silence go together. We…should use our privileged positions not as a shelter from the world’s reality, but as a platform from which to speak. A voice is a gift. It should be cherished and used.” – Margaret Atwood. 

It was one of those times that I knew, very clearly, that the Lord was speaking to me. One way for me continue processing and changing from my time in Greece is to continue writing. God has given me the ability to use my voice and I might not be a famous author and I might not have a ton of followers, but that doesn’t matter. God has given me a gift and He has given me experiences in which to share with others. I have an opportunity to use my voice as a platform to share my faith, to share what others who have no voice are going through, to share ways I am learning to live more passionately for God, and a way to be an encouragement to others

During this time as I have been praying and thinking, I have really been processing the best ways to take my writing more seriously and how to spend more time invested in it. And that being said, as you can already see, I have chosen to move over to a different website. This is a little difficult for me as I have a history and memories of the last few years on my other blog, but the website that I was using is not the most user friendly and hasn’t made a lot of updates in the last few years. I am excited for this new start with a much friendlier format for both me as the writer, and for you as the reader.

I have moved over the last few blogs from my old site, but other than that this is a new start for me. I am so excited to continue writing and sharing my life experiences and what God is teaching me (stay tuned for another post about why I write). I am so excited to have you here on this journey with me and I hope that I can touch and encourage you. Please feel free to leave questions and comments on this post and those to come and I’d love to have you follow me: Simply type in your email to subscribe and confirm email you recieve, and then you will be able to follow each blog I post.


Lauren Ashley 


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