Our First Camping Trip

This weekend we went camping at French Creek State Park in Elverson, PA. It was our first camping trip together and it didn’t disappoint. I had been eagerly waiting camping since we recieved our tent as a wedding present. We borrowed some other camping gear from my parents and headed out to meet with four of our other friends.
Camping is a pretty inexpensive way to vacation…especially for people on an extremely tight budget (like Phil and I). Obviously it can get pricey if you do things like buying a camper and other gear…but if you don’t mind a tent and cooking over the fire there are many places you can camp for less than $30 a night. 
I grew up camping multiple times a year, but we always had a camper and more recently used a cabin. I was super excited to use our tent and to go camping for the first time as our own little family (with some pretty awesome friends). And I couldn’t wait to make mountain pies for the first time in years!
The weather was pretty perfect this weekend…not too hot perfect for sitting around by the campfire and walking around with out getting to hot. We spent most of our time hanging out by the campfire, playing card games, and making food. I forgot how messy mountain pies were, but they were delicious! We also had pancakes, s’mores, and hotdogs and hamburgers. It was the perfect weekend-long triple date, and I can’t wait to do it again.

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