Faves from my Library (Part 1)

Sometimes it seems like reading has become a lost art. We are inundated with internet, social media, video games, and television. Not to mention that in general, our lives have gotten so much busier in the last few decades. Yes, we still read articles and for educational purposes; but when do we just read for the joy of discovery and learning?
As a child I loved to read, and I still do but sometimes months pass and I haven’t read a single book. So this year for lent I decided to extremely limit my time on my phone and the internet and take to read for fun and spend more time studying my bible. I want to share four of the books that I have read recently (some before lent) that have had an impact on my life.
Is the journey of a young woman (Katie Davis (Majors)) who desires to spend some time in Uganda after high school, and ends up making her home there. This story convicted and challenged me, as well as encouraged me. Katie’s passion for Jesus and loving the ONE that God puts in front of her, takes her on a discovery of radical love as she adopts 13 little girls and establishes a ministry that has impacted thousands. I would highly recommend this book to anyone; you will laugh and cry along with Katie and your heart will be touched in ways you can’t imagine.
This is one of my all-time favorites. I first discovered it after returning from Ethiopia. I was struggling with the faith that I saw being lived out by many Christians (especially in America). I knew something was missing; David Platt confronts just that, as he challenges us to consider how we’ve manipulated the gospel to fit into our cultural desires. What would it look like if, as a whole, Christians started living the way Jesus and the New Testament  Christians did? This book may just completely rock your faith and turn your perspective around. A convicting and challenging read for teens and adults alike!
I shared this book in another post; I absolutely love the raw openness about relationships, dating, marriage, and sex. It is so real and honest. That being said, it is definitely geared more towards college age and up. Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke confront the distorted views of relationships, marriage, and sex that both our culture and  (unfortunately, sometimes) the church has taught us. If you are thinking of getting married someday, dating, engaged, or married, I would implore to consider reading it….Get ready to be challenged and rocked with some radical truths about love!
This book is specifically written for adults in their late twenties and older. But I read it before I even started college (and twice since). I recommend it to any adult that cares about people growing in Christ and the future of the church.  It is co-written by three authors and confronts the growing loss of college students and young adults in the church and to their faith. And the problem is…if we continue letting them go, we may never see them again. Discover why YOU matter in the story of twentysomethings.
I completely understand if you aren’t a big reader. But I would definitely encourage you to invest some time into reading. There are SOO many amazing books out there (especially in regards to faith). And in this age of consumption (television, social media, video games), reading is a form of consumption that also leads to thinking, discovery, and creation. Also, I am always looking for new books to read, so I’d love to hear more to add to the list!