It’s a Girl!!!

The other Friday, we went in for our 20 week anatomy scan and ultra sound. I was excited, but also pretty nervous. It’s at this appointment that you can learn the gender of the baby, but also see full scans and learn details about the health and development of the baby. I did not know quite what to expect by this ultrasound, but continue to be amazed about the technology that was used and the development of our sweet little babe! The farther along I get in this whole “growing another human” process, the more I am amazed by God’s design and human development.

I think I had tears running down my face for over half of the appointment as we saw detailed videos of every part of the baby’s body, from blood pumping through the heart, to the brain and spine, to the little hands and feet moving around. The technician laughed and said that we have a very active baby! We weren’t even able to get a 3D photo because she was moving around so much. At this point everything looks great and right on track for development. Before we left, the tech handed us the envelope, holding the much awaited for news!

We had a gender reveal planned for Sunday, and my mom went with us to the appointment since she wouldn’t be able to be there. I was so excited waiting for Sunday and couldn’t wait for everyone to arrive! We love hosting and haven’t had a lot of time for that, so we were also really excited to have so many people, that we love, come celebrate with us. We used confetti poppers outside and it was funny because it was windy AND i wasn’t strong enough to pop it on my own so I had to turn to look as everyone was yelling out and seeing the color PINK! Phil and I were both sooo excited!!


We had done a vote the day before and it was somewhere around 38% guesses for a boy and 62% guesses for a girl. I honestly thought it was a girl for the majority of the pregnancy; I had a pretty vivid dream of our baby about a week we found out that we were pregnant and the baby was a girl in our dream. After that I was waiting to have more dreams, but I didn’t have anymore and as time went on I started to picture a girl when we talked about the baby and just started to have a feeling. Although, I did begin to second guess myself as we came closer to the appointment.

Lately, I have been feeling a lot better, just a bit more tired than usual. And now I am starting to feel more movements (I have anterior placenta, which means baby girl is behind the placenta so movements are more muted and I’m more likely to feel movement at the side of belly then the front at this point) and now also knowing that we are going to have a little GIRL, makes her feel so much more real to me. I seriously can’t WAIT to see Phil as a girl daddy and hold our precious little one! Phil and I feel so blessed by this little one that God has handpicked to be our child.

Please join us in prayer for Baby girl Denner as we continue into the 2nd half of our pregnancy<3


Maple Acre Farms

I absolutely love exploring, fun day trips, and traveling, but lately we haven’t had too much time for that. With our lack of spare time, I really wanted to do some fun fall activities, but was content with at least going to pick out some pumpkins. I spotted a place to buy pumpkins on my way home from babysitting one day and figured it would be easy to go since it was so close. So when Phil and I found out we both had the same day off of work, we decided to go on a date and pick our pumpkins out.
We were pleasantly surprised at this cute little gem that we discovered! The place that I had driven by, was Maple Acre Farms in Plymouth Meeting. Not only did they have many pumpkins to choose from, but an adorable outdoor market, fields of beautiful flowers (that you can pick and buy), live animals, and even a hayride for the weekend! It was so cute and fun to explore! On the weekends it definitely gets more crowded, but it was so neat to find this ‘little’ (17 acre) farm, smack in the middle of the suburbs!

Maple Acre Farms has different things that they offer, all year round. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are local! The little market was full of fruits and veggies-all grown locally at other farms, if not from Maple Acres, honey, cheese, and milk, and some delicious cider. Phil and I had an amazing time, and this discovery was so good for my soul. We love little unexpected dates like this, and hope to find some new local spots like this in the near future.