About Lauren

Hi, welcome to our little corner of the world! I am Lauren Ashley (Denner) and I am so glad to have you here. I have been through a crazy journey over the last few years of discovering who I am as a person and who I am in Christ. It hasn’t been easy and we shouldn’t have to do it alone… I write because it helps me to process, but also because I want to encourage, challenge, and inspire others. I am on a lifelong journey of glorifying God and cultivate the life that He has called me to!

I am in my late-twenties and have been married to my husband, Phil (my better half), for over three years (6.23.2018). We have a beautiful, adventurous one year old, Isabel Grace, and are currently living with Phil’s family while he goes back to school full-time to become a nurse. I work from home for a homeschool curriculum company and have help from my in-laws with Isabel. We are passionate about knowing Jesus more deeply, living radically for him (We were NOT born to fit in!), and creating a lasting legacy! Join us in growing deeper in our faith, those little everyday marriage and parenting moments, homeschooling, travel adventures, and more.


Lauren Ashley