About Lauren

Hi! I am Lauren Ashley (Denner). Thank you for visiting my page, I’m glad to have you here! I am have been through a crazy journey over the last few years of discovering who I am as a person, who I am in Christ. It hasn’t been easy and we shouldn’t have to do it alone… I write because it helps me to process, but also because I want to encourage, challenge, and inspire others. I am on a lifelong journey of figuring out how to navigate this crazy place we call earth and learning how to keep God the center of my world!

I am in my mid-twenties, recently married (to my better half), and a nanny to amazing twin infants. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, clothes, and the outdoors. I love trying new foods and have a weakness for hispanic food and dark chocolate! I am passionate about knowing Jesus more deeply, living radically for him (We were NOT born to fit in!), loving on the entire world, and sharing these passions with others!

Follow along to join me on this crazy journey!


Lauren Ashley