It’s a Girl!!!

The other Friday, we went in for our 20 week anatomy scan and ultra sound. I was excited, but also pretty nervous. It’s at this appointment that you can learn the gender of the baby, but also see full scans and learn details about the health and development of the baby. I did not know quite what to expect by this ultrasound, but continue to be amazed about the technology that was used and the development of our sweet little babe! The farther along I get in this whole “growing another human” process, the more I am amazed by God’s design and human development.

I think I had tears running down my face for over half of the appointment as we saw detailed videos of every part of the baby’s body, from blood pumping through the heart, to the brain and spine, to the little hands and feet moving around. The technician laughed and said that we have a very active baby! We weren’t even able to get a 3D photo because she was moving around so much. At this point everything looks great and right on track for development. Before we left, the tech handed us the envelope, holding the much awaited for news!

We had a gender reveal planned for Sunday, and my mom went with us to the appointment since she wouldn’t be able to be there. I was so excited waiting for Sunday and couldn’t wait for everyone to arrive! We love hosting and haven’t had a lot of time for that, so we were also really excited to have so many people, that we love, come celebrate with us. We used confetti poppers outside and it was funny because it was windy AND i wasn’t strong enough to pop it on my own so I had to turn to look as everyone was yelling out and seeing the color PINK! Phil and I were both sooo excited!!


We had done a vote the day before and it was somewhere around 38% guesses for a boy and 62% guesses for a girl. I honestly thought it was a girl for the majority of the pregnancy; I had a pretty vivid dream of our baby about a week we found out that we were pregnant and the baby was a girl in our dream. After that I was waiting to have more dreams, but I didn’t have anymore and as time went on I started to picture a girl when we talked about the baby and just started to have a feeling. Although, I did begin to second guess myself as we came closer to the appointment.

Lately, I have been feeling a lot better, just a bit more tired than usual. And now I am starting to feel more movements (I have anterior placenta, which means baby girl is behind the placenta so movements are more muted and I’m more likely to feel movement at the side of belly then the front at this point) and now also knowing that we are going to have a little GIRL, makes her feel so much more real to me. I seriously can’t WAIT to see Phil as a girl daddy and hold our precious little one! Phil and I feel so blessed by this little one that God has handpicked to be our child.

Please join us in prayer for Baby girl Denner as we continue into the 2nd half of our pregnancy<3


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Maple Acre Farms

I absolutely love exploring, fun day trips, and traveling, but lately we haven’t had too much time for that. With our lack of spare time, I really wanted to do some fun fall activities, but was content with at least going to pick out some pumpkins. I spotted a place to buy pumpkins on my way home from babysitting one day and figured it would be easy to go since it was so close. So when Phil and I found out we both had the same day off of work, we decided to go on a date and pick our pumpkins out.
We were pleasantly surprised at this cute little gem that we discovered! The place that I had driven by, was Maple Acre Farms in Plymouth Meeting. Not only did they have many pumpkins to choose from, but an adorable outdoor market, fields of beautiful flowers (that you can pick and buy), live animals, and even a hayride for the weekend! It was so cute and fun to explore! On the weekends it definitely gets more crowded, but it was so neat to find this ‘little’ (17 acre) farm, smack in the middle of the suburbs!

Maple Acre Farms has different things that they offer, all year round. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are local! The little market was full of fruits and veggies-all grown locally at other farms, if not from Maple Acres, honey, cheese, and milk, and some delicious cider. Phil and I had an amazing time, and this discovery was so good for my soul. We love little unexpected dates like this, and hope to find some new local spots like this in the near future.

& Baby makes 3!

If you don’t already know…We’re PREGNANT!!! Baby Denner is due April 2020 (only 6 months to go)! To be honest, I’ve had a really hard time writing this blog, starting over multiple times. There are so many emotions and so much that has been happening that I have honestly struggled to put it all into words, so pardon the length of this entry 😉

Wow. We are going to be parents!

There isn’t a time that I can remember, not wanting to be a mom. I have memories of wanting to learn to change diapers and feed babies (siblings and cousins) before I was even in kindergarten. For Phil it may not have been for quite as long. But growing up in a family of 9 kids, he has been looking forward to having children and being a dad for quite some time. Our relationship got off to a quick start and we were married in less then 14 months from when we started dating. We both came into our marriage knowing how much we wanted kids, but wanting to wait awhile to get settled into our lives together. I wanted wait longer than Phil did, but as always he was very understanding and open to doing whatever was best for both of us. But he did say he thought I would change my mind about timing and he was right, I did.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited I couldn’t even wait for Phil to get out of work…I ended up FaceTiming him during his lunch break. We were both ecstatic and for the first few days I was on cloud 9, but then reality began to sink in. Please bare with me, as I get really vulnerable here. I honestly thought it would take a lot longer for us to start our family and while I was still excited, I also had (and still do) moments of panic.

We are in a very interesting stage of our lives right now. We have a roommate currently and Phil is in the midst of a career change preparing to go back to school full time to become a nurse, and we are in a tough place financially. The timing of it all began to hit us (I take change harder than Phil), and how many unknowns are looming ahead of us. Being pregnant now, is leading towards many extra adjustments that we didn’t originally foresee…rethinking the timing of Phil’s school, finding a new living situation, completely readjusting our financial situation (while Phil is in school we will only have my income), the possibility of a career change for myself, and now we may even be moving halfway across the country in the next year.

Wow. So many HUGE changes happening at once.


Not to mention the adjustment of a newborn coming into our lives. How do we even start planning for the baby with all these uncertainties?  My happiness was mingled with fear and worry…and then guilt for not feeling happy 24/7 and feeling like I don’t trust God enough. I also had (still have) the normal concerns for our baby and baby’s health. Not to mention HORMONES…oh my goodness, add that to all my normal feelings, and I feel so irrational at times. Just last week I burst into tears and cried for 10 minutes over Phil eating a chocolate Swiss roll that I planned on eating (poor guy haha-went out and bought me a a whole box the next day).

Without including all the upcoming changes and my emotional state, the first trimester was not the easiest on me-or on Phil for that matter. At first I felt great with a lot of energy, then came the nausea, occasional throwing up and having trouble sleeping at night, and then I got sick and was throwing up twice a day for awhile. For weeks I didn’t have an appetite and now the nausea has definitely got better in the second trimester, but I still throw up occasionally…just last night I was throwing up at 4am.

I have to say Phil is the most AMAZING husband I could ever ask for. He has been so gentle and supportive, picked up extra hours at work (so I could cut back) WHILE still taking classes, does most of the cooking and cleaning, and things like holding my hair back while I throw up and making me tea at 2 am, when he has to be up at 3:30 am for work. Also, telling me how beautiful I am as I feel gross and fat, and super self-conscious about how early I started showing (at about 11 weeks). He has been so consistent, always pointing me back to God, and helping me to trust when I struggle.

I have so much more to share…but we still have time for that 😉 We are at 15 weeks now, and while I still have concerns and many emotions; I am already thankful for this time, as I can see God growing and challenging my faith, as well as growing our relationship as a couple. I already feel more prepared for the challenges we will face over the next year and a half , as I see how God is working in us during the unknowns and difficulties that we are facing now. In the midst of it all, I am in constant amazement at the little human growing inside me (I was in AWE at my first ultrasound), and how God created women to carry them as they develop. Wow!! And in only a few short weeks we will be finding out the gender of our little one. I am so thankful that God has chosen US, to be parents to this little human. ❤


Our One Year Anniversary<3

I can hardly believe it was already a year ago that my husband and I said “I do”! In some ways it only seems like a month or two…but at the same time it seems like we’ve been married for years. But despite the craziness of the last year, I wouldn’t have it any other way and am so glad that Phil chose to do life with me! In honor of our one year anniversary I want to share some moments from our magical DIY wedding day (photos courtesy of my lovely friend, Keziah), which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many of the dear people in our lives!

We had both our ceremony and reception in Manheim, PA at the gorgeous, Lakefield Weddings .

My dress was from Country Threads by Gail in Manheim and shoes from DSW!


My friend, Amanda Lewis, did a wonderful job on my hair and 5 of the other girls. Lauren (front, second from right) did my makeup, and my dear friend, Etsuko (front right) came the whole way from JAPAN for our wedding.

Phil and I are so blessed to be surrounded by so many encouraging and loving friends.

Our flowers and greens were purchased from Etsy and Costco and all arrangements from bouquets, to table settings, to our arbor were done by my talented, Matron of honor, Janelle Meador.

Both the arbor and photo display were built by my Dad.

Our pastor from Cityline Church, Jason Hsu lead the wedding ceremony. The washing of our feet and time of worship, are moments I will cherish forever.

Many of the signs and decorations were done by my sister-in-law Danielle, centerpieces borrowed from Eileen Sadik, and centerpieces, tables, and other details put together by bridal parties.

Our delicious taco bar was made and served by wonderful church ladies (led by Jan Bechtold) and my mama made all the cupcakes and wedding cake.

And of course dancing, a wedding just isn’t complete without it!

We are so thankful to our dear families for their help and support with our wedding and throughout our first year of marriage.


I know I shared way too many pictures, and I honestly wish that I could include more. There were so many people, memories, and details that made our day so perfect. Thinking back on our wedding day reminds me of a few important things. First, God’s provision and care about the little details-He will always provide and is always there in the seemingly ‘unimportant’ details. Phil and I have an AMAZING support system of family, friends, and mentors who not only helped us with our wedding day, but are an encouraging presence in our daily lives. And finally, I am reminded of our vows and our promise to love each other through the easy and the hard… So here’s to many more memories, adventures, and anniversaries!


Honeymoon: Isla Mujeres (Part 2)

When we first got to our resort and saw everything that there was to do, Phil started trying to figure out how we could fit in everything haha. I had to remind him that it was okay if we didn’t do everything-this time was about relaxing and spending time with each other, and we wanted to leave feeling refreshed. So we spend most of our time relaxing in the beach or pool, got massages outdoors together, visited the hot tub spa, and ate lots of yummy food.

In advance, we did plan one excursion to Isla Mujeres; to swim with the dolphins. This is something I had been wanting to do for about 10 years and we were so excited it was an option. So on Wednesday at 7:30am we were picked up from our resort and taken to a dock where we loaded onto a boat with a bunch of other people. It was about 40 minutes to the Island, and once we were there, Phil and I were in the first group to go out with the dolphins.


Our boat that took us to the Island and the start of our time with the dolphins.


Anyone who wanted to had the opportunity to be pulled through the water.


And also to be pushed by the dolphins. I was a bit scared, but Phil loved it.


We had about an hour with the dolphins, and it was one of my favorite experiences in my entire life. The dolphins were so friendly, as well as intelligent! After our time with the dolphins, we spent the rest of the day on the island. We ate at an all you can eat restaurant, went swimming in the infinity pool, took a small boat out with a few others to snorkel (that was AMAZING too!), got to swim with stingrays and nurse sharks, and got free Starbucks drinks. Everything was included in our excursion and by the time we got back on the boat we were completely exhausted!


We spent the rest of our trip relaxing together on the beach and at the pool. I am so blessed to be married to someone who loves to travel and adventure as much as I do!! I am so excited for the journey God continues to take us on!


Honeymoon: Cancún (Part 1)

When Phil and I got married last June, we only took a 2 day mini-moon to Cape May, New Jersey. We were hoping to plan a trip later on in the year, but we weren’t sure if it would be happening. Then my husband won a trip, as a second place prize in a contest at work (it covered most of the trip-so proud of how hard he works <3)! I had time off in April so we planned our trip during that time, first spending the weekend in Washington, D.C. (previous post), and then flying out of Baltimore to Cancún.

For those of you who know us personally, you know the last year and a half has been extremely crazy and we both work long hours and multiple jobs. Needless to say, this trip was a much ancipated and much needed reprieve from our everyday life. This was Phil’s first time to the Caribbean and both of our first times at an all inclusive resort!! If you have never been to an all inclusive, we recommend doing it at least ONCE in your life (we hope to do it again, but it will definitely be awhile haha). It was so nice to not have to plan meals and outings-as everything is taken care of for you and planned in advance. I literally could feel my stress being stripped away on the first day.

The lobby and halls way of the resort were open air and our hallway opened up to the front where there were hundreds of palm trees!

The gardens, layout and beaches were absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t get enough of the flowers.

There were five different restaurants to choose from, including a HUGE buffet, steakhouse, Asian Fusian, and Italian. Phil loved the buffet- there was so much to choose from!

I think my favorite was the Asian fusion- the sushi was fabulous!

We spend a lot of time on the beach. There were rows of chairs under the palm trees. The dock in the second picture, with the Cabanas, was where we got our couples massage.

We loved the outdoors, but also enjoyed our room, and just all the time together.


We spent most of our time at the resort, but did get out for one excursion (see next post). Relaxing, getting to bed in decent time, and getting up early to go out to the beach was just what we needed.<3

Weekend in Washington, D.C.

Even though I only grew up a few hours from Washington, D.C., the only time my family went was to the zoo and I never went with my school either. Last year was my first time there, but it was cold and rainy. On Saturday morning we (Phil and I) drove to Arlington for our friend’s Murder Mystery birthday party. It was such a wonderful time and we stayed on into the evening to hangout with our friends. We walked to a nearby burger place with outdoor seating for dinner and then spent the night at a nearby Airbnb.

On sunday it was supposed to rain, but we were blessed with beautiful weather. We met up with our friends and some of their other out-of-town guests for a nice brunch at Boqueria, for Spanish tapas. It was absolutely delicious food and great company. After brunch, the group separated so Phil and I walked over to the National Mall to explore for a few hours. I had such a wonderful time seeing the different sights and we hope to return in the fall to visit a few of the museums!

Eating outdoors at Basic Burger in Arlington

The walk on the way to the National Mall.

In front of the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, and the cherry blossoms.

The Lincoln memorial and view looking out on the National Mall. 0B23F8D4-CFE1-45DE-837A-B795C152C972See you later, D.C. We’ll be back soon!

Guest Travel Post: From the Heart

Zambia…I can’t even explain the experiences and emotions that came from this trip but all in all, it was amazing.
The people, the kids, the culture, everything  completely changed my perspective on life and my future. It’s so easy in the first world, especially in America, to get caught up in success and comfort and wealth, but all those things are so empty compared to fulfilling relationships with other people and with God.
These past few months have been super rough for me, and I’m still trying to find my way back. Life can be hard no matter who you are or where you live. Each day is a battle not to let the darkness win, but to me, if you’re still fighting, that’s a victory in and of itself.
In the people of Zambia, there’s this renewed hope; that even the smallest things can change a person’s life, that in the poorest parts of the world, love and laughter exist, and that even when things are dark, there is still life, there is still beauty, and God is still there. I’ve seen children and adults who have next to nothing sing at the top of their lungs to a Creator who is so, so worthy of praise. And it’s real. They’ve had ups and downs and everything in between on a far more extreme scale than I ever will, and yet, they have faith and hope that are strong enough to withstand it all and to overflow into the lives of people like me.
The smallest things and the briefest words have slowly shifted my ever changing perspective – people and food and kids and insanely bumpy dirt roads and bugs and fear and smells and rain and heat and dogs and stories and silence and laughter and kindness and music and everything in between. I have a better idea now of what I want to do and how I can do it, and it feels really good. So much pressure is lifted when you realize what’s truly important and what’s just not.
Zambia honestly took whatever presuppositions I had about life and needs and other people and turned them upside down, forcing me to look inside myself and figure out who and what I depend on.
I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met, the things I’ve heard and seen, and really the whole experience; I wish it was much longer. I’ve learned so much about myself and my God, but now I guess it’s time to go home.
Bye for now, Africa. I’ll be back very soon. ❤️🌍
This is a little bit of Alicia Thompson’s heart-She was a senior in high school when she wrote this after a two week trip to Zambia. She is now a sophomore at The Master’s University, CA. She has a heart for missions, loves children, and enjoys adventures, music, and photography.


Faves from my Library (Part 1)

Sometimes it seems like reading has become a lost art. We are inundated with internet, social media, video games, and television. Not to mention that in general, our lives have gotten so much busier in the last few decades. Yes, we still read articles and for educational purposes; but when do we just read for the joy of discovery and learning?
As a child I loved to read, and I still do but sometimes months pass and I haven’t read a single book. So this year for lent I decided to extremely limit my time on my phone and the internet and take to read for fun and spend more time studying my bible. I want to share four of the books that I have read recently (some before lent) that have had an impact on my life.
Is the journey of a young woman (Katie Davis (Majors)) who desires to spend some time in Uganda after high school, and ends up making her home there. This story convicted and challenged me, as well as encouraged me. Katie’s passion for Jesus and loving the ONE that God puts in front of her, takes her on a discovery of radical love as she adopts 13 little girls and establishes a ministry that has impacted thousands. I would highly recommend this book to anyone; you will laugh and cry along with Katie and your heart will be touched in ways you can’t imagine.
This is one of my all-time favorites. I first discovered it after returning from Ethiopia. I was struggling with the faith that I saw being lived out by many Christians (especially in America). I knew something was missing; David Platt confronts just that, as he challenges us to consider how we’ve manipulated the gospel to fit into our cultural desires. What would it look like if, as a whole, Christians started living the way Jesus and the New Testament  Christians did? This book may just completely rock your faith and turn your perspective around. A convicting and challenging read for teens and adults alike!
I shared this book in another post; I absolutely love the raw openness about relationships, dating, marriage, and sex. It is so real and honest. That being said, it is definitely geared more towards college age and up. Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke confront the distorted views of relationships, marriage, and sex that both our culture and  (unfortunately, sometimes) the church has taught us. If you are thinking of getting married someday, dating, engaged, or married, I would implore to consider reading it….Get ready to be challenged and rocked with some radical truths about love!
This book is specifically written for adults in their late twenties and older. But I read it before I even started college (and twice since). I recommend it to any adult that cares about people growing in Christ and the future of the church.  It is co-written by three authors and confronts the growing loss of college students and young adults in the church and to their faith. And the problem is…if we continue letting them go, we may never see them again. Discover why YOU matter in the story of twentysomethings.
I completely understand if you aren’t a big reader. But I would definitely encourage you to invest some time into reading. There are SOO many amazing books out there (especially in regards to faith). And in this age of consumption (television, social media, video games), reading is a form of consumption that also leads to thinking, discovery, and creation. Also, I am always looking for new books to read, so I’d love to hear more to add to the list!

Where My Feet May Fail

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go to the beach and, not to my surprise, it is just as beautiful in the winter as in the summer. The white sand beneath my feet, the foamy waves slapping the shore, and the smell of salt in the air. There is something special about the beach, something different.
Standing at the edge of the water, staring out into the ocean. There is nowhere else that I can be facing one direction looking at the houses and all the people and then I can turn around and its all gone. Completely gone, nothing except for the unending waters and sky stretched before me. God’s creation. I realize just how small I am and how big the world is. I am reminded of the song, Oceans (Where my feet may fail), from Hillsong United. It starts off with the words:
“You call me out upon the waters 
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery 
in oceans deep mfaith will stand”
So much of my life is unknown. Whether or not I am following God, I do not know what is coming in the next two years, let alone the next hour. But when I choose to live for God I am saying that I will go wherever he sends me. This is so much easier said than done; sometimes I doubt God multiple times a day and I often feel unworthy and unable to do what he has asked me to.
“And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine
Your grace abounds in deepest waters 
Your sovereign hand 
Will be my guide
Where my feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now”
But 2 Corinithians 12:9b reminds me, that “God’s power is made perfect in MY weakness”. Without my faith in God I will fail. But it is his power that allows me to carry forward. When I call on Him, when I keep my eyes on him, when I rest in Him-I can follow where he leads me. And this song does a really good job at summing up how I want to live and how God wants me to live.
It is because of God’s grace that I am here today. I fail; I am not enough. I would drown in a never ending ocean. But when God is carrying me, the unknown is no longer scary, but a place to grow closer to God. It is a place where I can more fully rely on him.
So when I feel like I am drowning and my troubles begin to overtake me, I can close my eyes and picture the ocean before my with my world and troubles behind me. The words from Oceans flow through my head and I am reminded that God has called me out upon the sea. And he will not fail me. To me, standing out on the beach not only reminds me how big God is or how marvelous his creation is, but also that I am his and that in his grace I can call to him, rest in him, and follow him. 
“I will call upon Your name
Keep my eyes above the waves 
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and you are mine